Should You Renovate Your Florida Home Before You Sell?

by Ziro Realty 08/28/2018

If you’re in the market to sell your Florida home soon, you may wonder if making a few improvements to your property will help increase its value and appeal. A perfect place to start is with your realtor. Real estate agents can provide you with excellent advice on what repairs will help your home sell.  

As Is Homes

The first consideration should be if you plan on selling your home “as is.” Generally speaking, most homes that are listed under this category need significant amounts of work. These properties would attract contractors and those who are looking to flip a house. The price of a home that’s being sold as is a bargain. That’s what makes these homes attractive. 

Fixer Uppers

Don’t mix up a home that’s “as is” with a fixer-upper. Buyers who are looking to make improvements to a home are looking at the cosmetic things. These buyers don’t mind painting, replacing sinks, or doing some serious landscaping. They want to make the property their own. A fixer-upper is not a property that needs a new roof, a new foundation, or many walls torn down. Major repairs aren’t a part of purchasing a fixer-upper.   

Fixer uppers can also give buyers a deal. They’re putting all the repair and replacements costs into consideration with their offers on these properties. This means as a seller, you’ll make a bit less, but your home could move faster off the market when you come in contact with the right buyer. The price of a fixer-upper home needs to make sense for buyers even to consider it. 

Look At Your Costs

If you’re selling your Florida home, making improvements to the property could make it more attractive and increase its value. The most significant thing you need to consider is whether or not you’ll get a substantial return on your investment. The repairs and improvements you do make should make sense. 

What’s Next

If you decide to make improvements to your Florida home before selling you, need to make a list and prioritize what’s best for you to do at your house. Make a list of everything that needs to be done in the home and see what’s in your budget and best interest to do. You can have a conversation with your realtor at this point to get ideas of what will bring your sale the most value.        

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